Fall 2017 Courses

Core Courses

Course Title Days & times Instructor(s)
HIST 604 Islamic World I : 500- 1500 M 16:10-18:55 Behrooz, Maziar
IR 335 Muslim Societies in Transnational Perspective TTH 10:10-11:50 Ellis, Burcu
IR 324  Middle East and North Africa in International Relations TTH 10:10-11:50 Monshipouri, Mahmood
MEIS 300 Foundations of Middle East & Islamic Studies  (may count towards area A or B) MW 11:00-12:15 Volk, Lucia


History and Social Sciences Electives

Course Title Days & times Instructor(s)
HUM/JS 501 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam MW 13:10-14:25 Astren, Fred
HIST 606  History of Iran and Afghanistan: 1500 - Present MW 14:10-15:25 Behrooz, Maziar
PLSI/IR/JS 430  Israeli Democracy: Politics, Institutions, and Society TTH 12:35-13:50 Kaplan, Eran


Cultures and Arts Electives

Course Title Days & times Instructor(s)
ART 421

Global Perspectives in Art History:

Art of the Arab World, Iran & Turkey

W 13:10-15:55 Zarur, Kathy
CWL 430 Heroic Tales of the Mediterranean TTH 11:00-12:15 Millet, Kitty
JS/HEBR 201 Third Semester Modern Hebrew MWF 12:10-13:00 Rosenwald, Ruth
JS/HUM 377 Jerusalem TTH 9:35-10:50 Kaplan, Eran
JS/HUM 501 Judaism, Christianity, Islam MW 13:10-14:25 Astren, Fred
PRSN 250 Intermediate Persian MW 10:10-11:25 Ara, Mitra
PRSN 260 Persian Culture and Civilization in English MW 12:35-13:50 Ara, Mitra
PRSN 550 Persian Culture through Films in English M 15:10-17:55 Ara, Mitra

* Please note that introductory language classes (101) do NOT count towards the minor.  We could all units from language classes 102 and above.