Shirin Khanmohamadi

Shirin KhanmohamadiProfessor, Comparative and World Literature Department

Contact Information

Office: HUM 326

Phone: (415) 338-7035



Shirin A. Khanmohamadi (B.A. Brown; Ph.D. Columbia) is Professor in the Comparative and World Literature department at San Francisco State University, where she specializes in comparative medieval European literature, premodern travel and ethnographic writing, literary and cultural contact between the medieval European and Islamic worlds, and medievalism in contemporary theory and literature. Her articles have appeared in New Medieval Literatures, Exemplaria, and Arthuriana. Her study of premodern ethnographic form, In Light of Another's World: European Ethnography in the Middle Ages was published in The University of Pennsylvania Press' Middle Ages Series (2014).  

She is now at work on a book tentatively titled "Translating Saracens" on European articulations of the place of Saracens or medieval Muslims in the transfer of antique heritage and political authority to medieval Europeans, or tranlatio imperii et studii.  For a more detailed list of publications and lectures, please check out the Website link above.

Courses Taught for MEIS:

  • CWL/HUM 420: Travel and Literary Imagination
  • CWL 424: The Multicultural Middle Ages
  • CWL/HUM 426: Literary Orients and Orientalisms