Middle East and Islamic Studies

Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) is a multidisciplinary minor designed to provide a broad understanding of the cultures, history, politics and economies of the Middle East and Islamic societies, very broadly defined. 

The emphasis of the minor is on the complexity and diversity of these societies as well as some of the connections between them. The program includes study of the Middle East from the founding of Islam in the seventh century to the present, as well as those cultures and areas in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere that are associated with the historical and current spread of Islam.

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Why Study MEIS at SF State?

The MEIS minor is useful for students planning careers in politics and government, business, education, international organizations, journalism, and art, as well as for those who desire a better understanding of the Middle East, Islamic societies and Muslim cultures.

MEIS is comprised of faculty from several schools, departments and centers within the College of Liberal & Creative Arts.

Language study is an integral part of MEIS, as fluency in a foreign language allows us to understand a culture on its own terms.  We encourage students to take at least two semesters, and possibly more, of a language spoken in the Middle East, North Africa and countries of significant Muslim populations.