Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) is a multidisciplinary minor designed to provide a broad understanding of the cultures, history, politics, and economies of the Middle East and Islamic societies, very broadly defined. The emphasis of the minor is on the complexity and diversity of these societies as well as some of the connections between them. The program includes study of the Middle East from the founding of Islam in the seventh century to the present, as well as those cultures and areas in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere that are associated with the historical and current spread of Islam.

This minor was created in 2007 with the support of then-deans Joel Kassiola and Paul Sherwin. The goal of MEIS is to encourages student to evaluate common perceptions and misperceptions of the Middle East and Muslim societies, and to develop an appreciation for the complexity of the region, and its cultures, peoples, histories, and politics. As we keep reading about the Middle East in the news, the minor helps to shed light on what led us to these current events.

The MEIS minor is useful for students planning careers in politics and government, business, education, international organizations, journalism, and art, as well as for those who desire a better understanding of the Middle East, Islamic societies, and Muslim cultures.





Faculty News

Kudos to

- Prof. Burcu Ellis for being this year's recipient of SFSU's Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching!!  That award is well deserved: Tebrikler!!!

- Prof. Mahmood Monshipouri for the publication of his most recent book Why Human Rights still Matter in Contemporary Global Affairs (Routledge 2020).

- Prof. Mohammad Azadpur for his recently published insights on Analytic Philosophy and Acivenna: Knowing the Unknown (Routledge 2020).

- Prof. Eran Kaplan for the publication of is most recent book Projecting the Nation: History and Ideology on the Israeli Screen (Rutgers University Press 2020).